Beekeeping Masterclass 2.0

🐝 Beekeeping Masterclass 2.0

Beekeeping is one of the untapped markets in Agribusiness. Requiring small space, little monitoring and low cost, you can harness the natural goodies from bees and make cool cash from it. That’s why Assoutudeen Farms is here to teach and guide you through your journey in beekeeping. We aren’t a novice in this field.

We simplify our teachings as we believe in edutainment (enjoying the process of teaching). Our works speak for itself!

Testimony from Our Past Participants

“Honestly, Assoutudeen Honey Enterprise (AHE) is well versed in this Beekeeping business. I would recommend this masterclass for any aspiring beekeeper who doesn’t want to be burdened with bogus syllabus but exactly what is needed to succeed as a beekeeper and yet, very detailed.”

– Majekodunmi, Q. O.

“The ‘Knowledge is Power’ adage is long dead as the new reality of the workforce has taught us that sharing knowledge is beneficial to everybody. Keep the ball rolling.”Olaore, M. O.


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