Beekeeping Masterclass

Do you want to become an employer of labour?
🪂 Are you seeking another source of income?
🪂 Are you thinking agribusiness in Nigeria?
🪂 Looking for a business to invest in with a low capital?

If your answers to the above questions are YES, then Beekeeping is just the right agribusiness for you! You may ask why? Bees are wonderful creatures and produce varieties of important products. From them, we get:
🐝 Honey
🐝 Bee's wax
🐝 Propolis
🐝 Royal jelly
🐝 Pollen Propolis.
🐝 Bee's Venom

Now, imagine you've a bee farm, an apiary produces 10-15 liters of honey (on an average), selling this with other products from the hive will fetch you an handsome amount of money within some months! Beekeeping requires little or no supervision, feeding and monitoring.

Isn't that wonderful ❓❕

Then join our masterclass as ASSOUTUDEEN FARMS AND LIVESTOCK (BN 2802933) will teach you how to successfully set up your apiary (a bee farm) and how to market the products within and outside the Country. This power-packed masterclass will include:

📃 Two (2) weeks intensive WhatsApp training (with detailed explanation, voice notes, diagrams, and pictures).
📃 Detailed Videos
📃 3 days physical training (You choose your convenient days).
📃 You'll get an explanatory manual at the end of the course
📃 Certification.

Amazing, isn't it?

Then join us as we kick off the Masterclass on:

📆 Starting Date: 8th of April, 2020

Venue: Closed WhatsApp Group and AHE farms.

💶 Fee: N15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira only)
First twenty (20) people pay N10,000(Ten Thousand Naira only)

Hurry up and secure your seat!
Join this WhatsApp group to get started.

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