Written and Compiled by;
Assoutudeen Abu Mubaashir

Honey is nothing but a special condiment/substance almighty Allah has used to bless the generations of human race most especially the generations of the best of mankind Muhammad (Peace and Salutations of Allah be upon him). However, it has gone beyond reasonable doubt that the efficacies and effectiveness of honey usage to mankind is becoming dilapidated due to the ill treatments given to bees and their productions in respect to undue mixing of honey with honey-like materials and bad elements (materials) which poses a lot of dangers to health and thereby causing hazard to the whole generation at large.

There are one thousand and one ways( both in practical and laboratory test) to determine whether honey is original or not but for the sake of this article, we will mention few.

However, before dwelling into those few ones, There are some factors which greatly affect the originality of honey irrespective of whether they are original or fake ones. The following factors are;

1⃣ Weather and Climate change: Change in weather and climate has a lots of effects (positive and negative) on the production of honey by bees in their hives. For instance, the thickness of honey harvested during the rainy seasons can’t be compared with dry season, summer and winter conditions. Honey produced by bees in the raining season are expected to be dark thick and have scum while the ones produce during the dry seasons are expected to be faint and not dark in color as that of raining seasons.

2⃣ Temperature: There are various degree of temperatures which inhibits positive and negative effects on pure and original honey. For instance, Honey produced by bees during the heat period are mostly perforated in layers than the one produced during the cold period. This makes it hard to determine whether a honey is original or not if one falls into any of these conditions.

3️⃣ Mode of harvest: Mode of harvesting honey varies according to different geographical locations, some mode of harvest may change the quality of honey which may cause unrivalled deliberations as to whether a honey is pure or fake.

4️⃣ Mode of feeding: What bees feed on has a great impact in their production. When a bee feed on foods that are not natural, they tend to produce original honey but in an adulterated format (fake one), because of this factor, it is hard to state categorically whether honey produced from such bees are original or fake. However, This could be determined by an experienced apiculturist (a beekeeper).

Since any of the aforementioned factors is always constant, one cannot categorically say a honey is original or not until it is subjected to further practical and laboratory test.

Having discussed the corresponding factors that affect the originality of honey irrespective of their mode of production, the following are the physical tests to carryout to distinguish original honey from fake ones.

1⃣ Dissolving Method:
✅ Pure Honey: Doesn’t get dissolved in water, but will lump and settle at the bottom. Gets diluted when stirred for a while. By mixing equal amounts of honey and methylated spirit, honey settles at the bottom.

❌ Fake Honey: Stays incoherent and gets dissolved water right away. Dissolves in methylated spirits and makes the solution milky.

2⃣ Flame Test:
✅ Pure Honey: If we immerse a matchstick in pure honey, it lights easily with no hesitation.

❌ Fake Honey: Matchstick does not light easily due to the presence of moisture.

3⃣ Bread Test:
✅ Pure Honey: When spread over a slice of bread, the slice hardens within few minutes.

❌ Fake Honey: It makes the bread wet due to high moisture content.

4⃣ Absorption Test:
✅ Pure Honey: Few drops poured on blotting paper do not get absorbed. When poured on a piece of white cloth, it won’t leave stains.

❌ Fake Honey: Gets absorbed into blotting paper. Leaves stains on a white piece of cloth.

5⃣ Impurities:
✅ Pure Honey: Presence of impurities, dirty-looking particles, pollen and bee body parties.

❌ Fake Honey: Absence of impurities.

6⃣ Egg yolk Test:
✅ Pure Honey: When poured into a container with yolk alone and the mixture is stirred, the yolk appears like it is cooked.

❌ Fake Honey: Has no effect on the yolk.

7⃣ Thumb Test:
👉 Put a small drop of the honey you have on your thumb.
👉 Check to see if it spills or spreads around.
✅ If it does, it is not original.
Pure and original honey will stay intact on your thumb if those factors mentioned are constant.

8⃣ The Water Test to Spot Fake Honey:
👉 Fill a glass with water.
👉 Add one tablespoon of honey into the glass.
✅ Pure and original honey on the other hand, will settle right at the bottom of your glass.

❌ Fake Honey: Adulterated or artificial honey will dissolve in water and you will see it around the glass.

9️⃣ Honey Thickness:
✅ Pure Honey: It is fairly thick and takes time to move from one side of the jar to the other.

❌ Fake Honey: Not dense at all. Fake honey is very light and runny.

🔟 The stickiness of Honey:
✅ Pure Honey: It tends not to be sticky if rubbed between fingers.

❌ Fake Honey: It is fairly sticky because of the high percentage of added sweeteners and additives.

1⃣1⃣ Taste of the Honey:
✅ Pure Honey: The taste vanishes in a matter of minutes. If you heat and cool pure honey, you will alter the taste and kill all healing and nutritional values.

❌ Fake Honey: Taste will linger a little longer because of added sugars and sweeteners.

1⃣2⃣ Honey Smell/Aroma:
✅ Pure Honey: If experienced, you can actually smell the aroma (which is mild scent) probably the actual smell of the flowers from which the nectar was collected.

❌ Fake Honey: There is mostly none or just industrial sour smell.

1⃣3️⃣ When Heating honey:
✅ Pure Honey: If you heat pure honey, it caramelizes quickly and does not make foam.

❌ Fake Honey: Never caramelizes and forms foams which become bubbly because of the added moisture, sugars and water.

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  2. Nice write-up. BaarakaLlaahu feekum.
    I’ve never come across such a comprehensive and convincing piece of writing on testing of the originality of honey.
    JazaakumuLlaahu khayran

  3. Barokallah Feekum!! May your budden be relieved as you are used by Allah to solve people’s problems.
    JazaakAllah khairon

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